New Beginnings Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue massage for specialized pain relief.



New Beginnings Therapeutic Massage

Tara Keeling, LMT, CKTP


Jessi Mini, LMT, MMP


1100 Peoria St, Peru, IL




Looking for a massage to help relieve your daily aches and pains?


Individualized appointments specific to what you need, including:

  •  Deep Tissue Massage
  •  Kinesio Taping
  •  Active Isolated Stretching
  •  Myoskeletal Alignment 
  •  MyoFascial Release


For Relief of:      

                   Headaches, neck pain, low back/hip pain, sciatica, increased range of motion, TMJ disorder symptoms, stress


Appointments available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 min increments. Do yourself a favor, stop in today and leave feeling revitalized!

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